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What should you do if you encounter problems concerning Cibes lifts?

For any problems that you may encounter, please go to the online consultation or call the customer service hotline +918800 887 887

Why does Cibes Lift attract so many customers?

Cibes Lift can offer you a wide option of lifts and excellent service for both new and existing buildings. Lifts are designed for different installation environments including a pit of only 50 mm or placed directly on the floor with an access ramp.

No pit required: The installation of a Cibes lift can be implemented either in a zero pit situation or a pit of 50 mm with an access ramp that will be deep enough for the installation. It offers you the best choice for both new and existing buildings.

Self-supporting shaft: The self-supporting shaft offers you the option of 360 degree panoramic glass, which increases the natural daylight rate in the house.

Small space requirement: Cibes Lift takes up a very small space with the minimum footprint as small as 1 m2, and the internal space utilization rate can reach as high as 75%.

Safety and comfort: Cibes no-pit, screw driven type elevators are intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. The focus on safety comes from it’s simple, robust and low maintenance drive system. At the weakest point in the drive train, as tested by the Royal Swedish Laboratory, it takes over 10 metric tons to cause failure. This is a lift that is extremely safe going up and down and it simply cannot “fall down”. Significant safety features are built into the lift, including various movement sensors.

Environmental-friendly and energy-efficient: Cibes lift is supported by the 220V household power supply. The power saving mode will be automatically started in the standby situation and the power consumption is equivalent to that of a household refrigerator.

Various options: Cibes Lift offers options such as door openings in three directions. 248 RAL colors to choose from and a variety of dimensions, which makes it possible for the lift to fit into different types of decoration styles worldwide.

Quick installation: Cibes Lift needs no surrounding construction work, thus the installation duration is greatly shortened to about a week.

Low maintenance cost: The low maintenance cost is only one of many advantages with Cibes Lift.

Quality assurance: Scandinavian design, 100% manufactured in Sweden with assurance of quality and safety.

How deep is the pit?

For platform lifts, a pit of only 50 mm can assure the installation; or lifts can be installed under zero-pit condition. For the installation of cabin lifts, a pit of 70 mm is necessary with an access ramp. With no modification to the existing building, Cibes Lift has a solution for duplex apartments, public buildings and villas with underground garage.

Is Cibes lift safe enough?

Cibes Lift adopts European home lift standards and its products conform to the relevant compulsory safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. To ensure the safe operation, the speed limit is designed to be 9m / min. The screw driven mechanism is one of the world’s safest drive modes.

How soon can the lift be delivered?

Our lifts are entirely manufactured in our factory in Sweden. After a customer decides the size and the color of the lift ordered, the lift will be manufactured, quality controlled and then delivered. Final delivery time is between 4-5 months.

How quick can the installation be completed?

The installation usually takes about a week, but the duration can vary slightly due to the environment of the installation site.

What is the frequency of maintenance?

We suggest that 2 to 4 times a year is necessary, but it also depends how much the lift is used.

Why should you invest in a Glass Elevator?

A.Glass elevator brings a luxury feeling to the home, people who are claustrophobic or not comfortable in a close space, A glass elevator is the perfect choice. Also brings more lighting into the elevator shaft.

Why do people prefer eco-friendly lifts?

A.Eco-friendly lifts are earth-friendly, the power consumption is very low. The best part is – you do not require any lubrication since there are no gear pistons or cables in it. Also, there are special sensors that further enhance energy efficiency.

Why are home elevators gaining popularity?

• Escape from the trouble of Climbing Stairs
The staircase is your worst enemyin case you have to climb several floors. It not only drains your energy, wastes your time, increases the chances of accidents but also limits your mobility.
• Wheelchair Friendly
Senior citizens or anyone with arthritis or other health concerns that make them weak and dependent will always appreciate having a home elevator.
• Safe and Secure
Irrespective of your age there is always a possibility of falling while getting down the stairs or even while going up a staircase. In a home elevator, there is no likelihood of falling.
• Carry Heavy Weight Upstairs
A home elevator is a quick and easy way to access when you have heavy loads to carry upstairs, e.g. (groceries, luggage, furniture).

What is Traction lifts and what are its chief advantages?

A traction lift is literally a box on steel ropes that is connected to an electric motor. The sheaves have a counterweight attached to balance the load of the elevator car and the traction on the ropes raises and lowers the lift.Traction lifts have higher speed as compared to the other varieties and is also lighter on your pockets.

What is the common difference between Hydraulic and Screw Driven Lifts?

Hydraulic lifts are cheaper to install, whereas screw-driven lifts occupy less space. Both Home lifts technologies are distinct in several aspects.

Why is our home elevator is shaking?

When,on riding the elevator, if it appearsto be cavitating or “shaking”, then it’s a sign that there is a need for minor repairs. Although the “shaking” sensation could happen due to various unknown reasons. It’salways good to check with an expert.

Are home elevators expensive?

Most of us often think home elevators are a luxury itemreserved for the rich. However, with time it is now much affordable. Cibes Liftgives you Swedish Technology with a variety of options in budget-friendly prices.

What is the lifespan of residential elevators?

There is a lot ofdifference between residential elevators and commercial lifts. Your home lift is a smaller version of the elevators you find in malls and hence the average lifespan is roughly around 25 years as long as you do routine services and maintenance.

How often do we need to service our home lift?

Many elevator companies recommend maintenance every month. However, it can vary depending upon the lift model, making, usage and certain parts working. Jurisdictional regulations and specific state code maintenance can also affect the maintenance schedule. If you are installing Cibes lift, we recommend you to service your residential lift 2 times every year, we make use ofthe best technologies which lowers the need of repairing or servicing repeatedly.

Why hire Cibes Lift’s professional technicians for elevator maintenance and repair?

When it comes to elevator repair or maintenance, there is a dire need for knowledgeable and skilled technicians at your side. Cibes Lift is manufactured and imported from Sweden and can be installed as low as in 3 days or maximum 7 days. The best part is our 24*7 availability for all our customers. If you have any query or doubt, call us on +91 8800 887 887

How much does a home elevator cost in India?

A home elevator in India costs in the range of INR 20 Lacs to INR 40 Lacs. The exact cost of a Cibes home elevator in India depends upon various factors such as, The size of the lift, its finishing, additional options, location, Indoor or Outdoor. Contact us to know more on +91 8800 887 887

What kind of elevator is widely used for residential use?

The most installable home lift is the Cibes A4000 model.

How much space is required for installing a new home lift?

Any standard home elevator will require approximately 25 square feet of space. However, if the model requires a machine room, additional space is needed. Generally most elevators require a pit of approximately 8 inches. A cibes lift only requires 1 SQM space and no pit.

Does CIBES provide an emergency system in small lifts?

Yes. CIBES has an intact emergency system in place which boasts of the following emergency features –
• Touch screen
• Emergency stop
• Alarm button
• Telephone
• Overload protection
• Battery emergency lowering
• Safety edges
• Safety door lock system

How much weight can a home elevator hold?

Depending on the variant of the elevator a home elevator can hold weight anywhere between 300kg – 1000 kg depending on the available standing space.

How Much Does A Home Lift Cost In India?

A home lift in India costs in the range of INR 20 Lacs to INR 40 Lacs. The exact cost of a Cibes home elevator in India depends upon various factors such as, The size of the lift, its finishing, additional options, location, Indoor or Outdoor. Contact us to know more on +91 8800 887 887

Is there any need for a machine room? If yes, then how big it should be?

No, a machine room is not required.

How long does it take to install a homeelevator?

The installation usually takes about a week, but the duration can vary slightly due to the environment of the installation site.

Do you provide any warranty or guarantee for your lifts?

Yes. All cibes lift comes with a 1 year full warranty & A 10-year limited warranty on the screw and driver unit provided you do regular on-time maintenance of your lift.

How many floors can your home lift serve?

Cibes Lift can serve upto 6 stopsi.e.G+5, 3 meters per floor.

If you still have any Home elevator questions in mind then please contact Cibes Lift.

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