How Much An Home Elevator Cost?

Over the last few years, the concept of home elevators has taken the entire decor and comfort of multi storey houses to a completely different level and several notches up. These elevators not only add to the style and design of a house, but also make it extremely easy for the people staying in to experience a smooth transition to different floors. Whether they choose to get it installed on the inside or outside, home lifts are one of the best ways to give your home an advanced upgrade.

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It can be customized with a variety of options like: range of colors, interior designs, doors etc. Each component is designed to utilize minimum space without major construction and bringing mobility to your home with an aesthetically pleasing touch. Home elevators offered by Cibes Group have an amazing ability to just fit in about any area to get the ultimate access.

While you are estimating the home elevator cost, there are a number of factors to consider and cost can vary significantly based on your model choices and customizations you are in need. A simple search on the internet “home elevator cost” can provide costs anywhere from Rs 3.50 lakh onwards (for manual) to Rs 8 lakh onwards (for automatic) lift. So, how can you estimate the home elevator cost?

Doing a thorough research to take your project smoothly from planning to reality varies from project to project. It becomes more important to take into consideration different factors that would eventually determine the cost of your home lift.

How to Plan Home Elevator Costs?

The below mentioned list is intended to provide you a starting point to estimate the cost of your project.

Size of home –How many floors does the elevator need to travel or service?

Dimensions – Before you choose the lift model, it is very important to carefully evaluate the space available in your property for its installation. The installation further depends upon different dimensions like car shape and its platform dimensions, arrangement of the hoistway and landing. Also, take into consideration if certain medical conditions require use of a reclined wheelchair- in this case it would require a large elevator car.

Car size – Different car sizes are available- 36 in by 36 in, 42 in by 42 in and 36 in by 48 in. If you require accommodating a wheelchair, it is best to choose a car size of 36 in x 48 in.

Elevator configuration –Where would remain the entry and exit of the lift? Are they on the same side or requires an alternate configuration?

Load capacity –It is one of the important factors to be considered before you buy a residential lift. To estimate the load capacity you would need to know whether the number of passengers expected to occupy it in one trip or whether it would be used by an unassisted wheelchair user.
The range of capacity lies between 500lb to 1500lb.

Car Design – With the option to go for the custom designed home elevators to match your home décor and style, design galleries could turn out to be helpful for you to know

  • What materials would be used?
  • What would remain the design elements- lights, handrails or fixtures?
  • What type of doors would you like to have for a car or hoistway?

Drive System – If you are familiar with the elevator drive systems, you may already have a preference. Whether you want to avoid having hydraulic fluid in the home or would you like to go for the screw driven technology. Your personal preferences would assist you in the best.

Safety Features – Just make sure that the necessary safety features such as emergency alarm and light system, rope safety system, non-skid platform; key lock system, emergency stop button, cable safety devices and others are included in your purchase.

IN compliance – Make sure that IN Safety Standards and adheres to the requirements established by the governing body.

Installation – The installation process differs for every lift model. For instance, hydraulic elevators require demolition and remodeling to create a pit but in case of screw driven technology- you would require no PIT no Machine Room.

You would require knowing

  • If there is any electrical work needed to be completed
  • How many tradesmen would be involved?
  • What would remain the permit process?
  • Does hoistway already exist?ed?
  • What extra costs would be incurred apart from lift installation?

Maintenance – Are their additional cost ties to the ongoing maintenance plan offered by the home elevator company? What would remain the frequency of visits for the maintenance?

Warranty –What all is covered under the residential elevator’s warranty? Is it extended by any additional cost or not? How long is it validated?

Additional Costs

The above listed factors are a few on the many that would help you to shape the final cost of a home elevator. If you still have questions, you can check our FAQ section that covers most of your queries in detail and to understand the whole process and to find answer to your questions like:

  • How do I install a home elevator?
  • Are home elevators safe?
  • Can an in-home elevator help keep me safe? And more

To learn more about the cost of a home elevator for your home and how to offset this, call us at 8800 887 887 directly to discuss your project.