Traditional Indian home Lifts need not make your home look dated. By mixing and matching decor elements, you can make your home look Indian yet modern and chic. A house also reflects the life of its occupants.
The spacious home won’t do full justice to grand furniture, dramatic chairs and sofas that runs throughout the house if it is not accessed by all. The main priority should be to make the house liveable by each and every member of the house.


Everyone wants to make their home beautiful but not many have an idea about how they want to do it. Home is certainly about those who live there, but a beautiful and comfortable home in terms of decor that matches your sensibilities is most people’s dream.
In the quest to make our homes look modern and chic, many of us have moved away from traditional Indian home design and ideas.


India is a land of diverse cultures with different geographies and climatic conditions. We have different kinds of communities with a multifaceted lifestyle which easily reflect in their houses. Each house is different from the other in terms of architecture, look, feel and build. This is also because each serves a different aspect in accordance with the demographics, climate and the way locals live in that particular area. When cities grow, the buildings become taller making the city crowded hence more and more people have started investing in weekend homes, farm houses, second homes, leisure houses away from the city creating a need for home lifts.


Conventionally, in India, the elderly have always been treated with great respect and occupied a prominent position in the family. Aging is a physiological phenomenon. While the younger generation feel duty bound to serve them, joint family system is still very prevalent.


Lifts or elevators are common features in buildings and homes around the world. Home lift especially is a specific product that transports people within a space; such as, an apartment, home, or other private property with multiple stories.
Home lifts are an elegant method of providing convenience along with accessibility for homeowners and this also truly elevates the status of the house.


A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Augustus Moore


Indians love everything grand. From grand weddings to grand entry’s. But with this convenience is also something that tops the list. A home lift makes your everyday life convenient and makes all the floors accessible to everyone you love especially the elderly by adding value to your home because we care. It pays to think safety first when you are designing and building homes from scratch or are updating existing properties to install a lift.


Cibes lift blends beautifully with Indian home designs enhancing its aesthetic look. At Cibes we make extra room for your comfort. Finding that perfect Lift for your home is easy with us. Cibes provides smart, high quality ready made lift solution – No Pit, No Machine Room. Our modular home lift concept adapts to individual taste and home without any extensive construction work.


Investing in a Cibes home lift doesn’t just make your house an illustrative example of modernity but also adds on to the whole eye appeal of your property. You can choose from exceptionally impressive designs, making your home look elegant and luxurious at the same time making it a perfect addition to your dream home.


We care for you and your loved ones and who doesn’t like a home lift which not only caters to your need of easy mobility for everyone but also adds value to your home by making it look like aesthetically appealing, right?
These are mainly a few factors which makes Cibes Home Lifts a popular choice. We are committed to providing you with lifts of the highest quality. Your safety is our main concern, with over 60 years of experience within the lift industry you can be assured you will receive excellent customer service, support and ultimately, a high quality product to last you a lifetime.


Benefits of Having a Cibes home lift –
• Stay Home No Matter What – Home lifts provide assurance that you can reside at home irrespective of whatever your future health circumstances or mobility challenges hold for you.
o Few people enjoy considering these realities and a lot of us avoid it until it’s too late. Adding a lift to your home provides true comfort and luxurious experience to this place you call home.
• Spontaneous Home Access – It’s your home, after all.
• You get to enjoy every floor every nook and cranny with a home lift fitted to size and ready around-the-clock for easy home navigation.
• Home elevators minimize current and potential mobility issues impairing your ability to travel up or down flights of stairs.
• Without such an option, many are forced to rearrange room functions, such as creating a makeshift bedroom in the main floor living room if all bedrooms are on the second story and the works.
• Preserve the integrity of your home — and your full, unimpeded enjoyment of it — by considering a custom home lift.
• Increase Your Home’s Value – We must agree with the fact that adding a lift to your home can increase its overall value and appeal.
• Have Lifelong Peace of Mind – The peace of mind afforded by a simple home lift is unparalleled.
• Your home is your shrine, the place where you create memories, share experiences, host events, celebrate holidays and milestones and simply experience the everyday pleasures of life.
• Aging and mobility impairments may be inevitable, but leaving this special place because of them shouldn’t be.
• With the right lift manufacturer, support is always nearby or around.
• Local lift repair teams are right around the corner to address any mechanical issues or difficulty as soon as they strike, plus we provide routine annual checks delivering even further peace of mind to you.
• Manufactured in and imported from Sweden
• Space Efficient
• Provides all glass options which is a perfect fit for middle of the floors
• No impact on architectural foundations


Keeping aside the above benefits there are some major reasons due to which home lifts will always be useful for the elderly in our society especially when it comes to mobility:


1. Gives immense Confidence and Independence – This is the first emotion that the senior citizens usually experience. When they are given the freedom to move on their own and be independent, there is a certain self-confidence that builds up in them and that makes them continue to remain active even once they have retired from work. Giving them the opportunity to conduct their daily tasks independently also ensures a sense of freedom to their movement and subsequently their actions.


2. Whether it is a small task of going to collect something down or just planning to go to their grand child’s room, the ability for them to do it entirely on their own is of immense importance for their mental well-being.


3. Safety Factor – Nothing can be better than the fact that lifts are a safe medium to travel through. Nowadays lifts are so technologically advanced that all safety factors are taken care of. Even if there is a problem, there is always immediate help inside the elevator which will guide the person what to do. Cibes Home Lift in India ensures that the elevators are maintained and that no issue arises.


4. Convenience and Comfort – Another main aspect of having home lifts for the elderly is the fact that they no longer need to force themselves physically while climbing up and down the stairs. The thoughts of having to move out of any place can be quite daunting for the elderly citizens. Using the stairs is itself a strenuous task that ends up using a lot of energy and sometimes impacts people who are having respiratory problems.


Thus, we can gauge the importance of home lifts in the everyday lives of the senior citizens. As active members of society, we all should all strive that every person is able to move efficiently. Replacing, updating or as we call it, modernizing is a part of all of all our lives. Unleash your path to your right of movement. Enjoy luxury living at home with Cibes Lift- Topmost Home Elevator Company in Tamilnadu. When change is the only constant, let us be the change.

We are always working towards giving you better comfort, better life, better smiles.

Cibes Lifts for Indian Homes – to make a grand entry … every day

Written By Bhakti Pavithran