10 Questions You Must Ask An Home Elevator Expert In India

The ploy behind choosing the best residential elevator for you and your home begins with your understanding and knowledge of what exactly you expect to get out of your new in-home addition. It is generally quite difficult to answer this one and that is absolutely all right as the following will help you determine exactly what you and your family need or should be looking for when it comes to investing in a residential or a home elevator in India.

Let’s talk about must-ask questions for home Lifts!


1) Which type of home elevator is best for me?


Depending on the reason why you are looking to install a home elevator, you will be recommended different products and services. So, you have always got to be sure to explain what your needs are and how you intend to use your home elevator. Prepare a CHECKLIST and answer them yourself. Even, you can talk to experts to get guidance for Home Elevators. You can make things more convenient by trying these primary questions first.

  1. How many floors do you want the lift to serve?
  2. How many people do you want the lift to carry?
  3. Will the lift need to accommodate a wheelchair?
  4. Where would you like to place the lift?
  5. What style and colour would you like for your lift?


2) Can I customize my home elevator?


Do you have a particular style in mind? Are you looking for a fancy glass elevator? You should be able to choose your colours and materials based on the look and feel that you want. Your choice of colour and materials is what makes the elevator design an integral part of your home.


3) How much would i have to invest?


It is always difficult to know what you are going to pay until you have a discussion about the features and services you’ll need. The best thing to do is establish a budget early first and then work around that figure. The price of your home elevator will always depend on your choice of elevator model, specification, and the number of floors the elevator will serve.


4) How much access to my property do the installers need?


The last thing you want is to go through with an installation, only to find out that you will not be able to use more than half your house. So be sure to ask about the access required so you can plan accordingly and limit the effect it will have on your daily life.


5) How long will it take to install?


Similarly, you also want to know exactly how long the installation process will take so you can prepare yourself to use it after a certain period of time. Plus, you do not want the installation team in your house for weeks on end.


6) What safety & security features come with the home elevator in India?


When investing in a home elevator, you are bound to expect top-of-the-range benefits in terms of safety, comfort, and security. If your lift company cannot tell you exactly what they are, or if you are unimpressed with what they come back with, it will certainly play a determining factor.


7) Is it energy efficient?


This question is not just for people who are environmentally-conscious, instead, it is a question that will allow everyone to work out how much energy they are likely to use – hence giving you a deeper understanding of potential costs. Besides, we all have a role to play in energy conservation today.


8) How often do i need to service my home elevator in India?


A home elevator needs regular checks and maintenance to make sure that it runs properly and is safe for you and your family to use. However, if you are going to have to schedule maintenance work every few months, or if you are home elevator is likely to break down more often, then perhaps you should reconsider.


9) What customer service shall I expect?


If it will be difficult to get help once your lift is installed, then there is absolutely no point going down that particular road. You should have a dedicated team of technicians who can diagnose and repair any issue. You should also have access to a customer care support team to help you at any given point of time. It is also extremely important to establish, understand and discuss what services are included in your quotation.


10) Is there a warranty or a guarantee that comes with my home lift?


Be sure that you are covered for any potential issues with the parts or software in the future. Not only that, but there is no point having a guarantee that only lasts one or two years.


These questions for sure are going to help you a great deal making your purchase less complicated and strenuous. For more informative blog on residential elevator, stay tuned with us. To Talk to our Elevator Expertise, Contact Us!


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Written By Bhakti Pavithran